quality control inspection


  • Both cameras 
  • charging port solder to the MB
  • Connectors of LCD and touch
  • Wifi antennas even if broken
  • Batteries with adhesive 
  • Shield does not have to have all screws
  • install big shield on the back of the lcd if is dent it fix it 
  • stripped screws
  • broken touch screens must be install with adhesive 
  • this device will also need a touch screen with out adhesive" remove previous glue"
  • add connector to touch
  • total of 12 iPads 
  • fixed corners

IPhone 5,5c, 5s

  • Touch screen or LCD must be working "glass and lcd can be defective as long  is showing an image"
  • All screws must be installed do not install stripped screws
  • Home button or power button must be working (one of the two or both)
  • devise must power on it can be iCloud locked 
  • If glass is shatter transparent tape must be install so that students don't cut their fingers
  • all parts of the devise must be install
  • if frame is coming apart frame must be glue or a new one must be install

IPHONE 6 and 6 plus

  • all of the above but phones don't have to work

Samsung phones and tablets 

Samsung galaxy s4, s3 and galaxy s6

  • glass must be good or with a hair line so that it can be properly install
  • power button must be installed
  • apply adhesive to sim tray charging port 
  • intall screws
  • total

SAMSUNG, htc, sony ect 

  • Install all screws
  • apply adhesive on batteries and back overs 
  • total 12