What are the course fees?

The total cost of the course is $1500 which includes the registration fee and course fee.

The registration fee is $300 and it is non-refundable. You have the option to only pay the registration fee at the time of signing up in order to reserve your place in class and the course fee would be due no later than the first day of class.

The course fee is $1200. You have the option to pay the course fee upfront in order to receive a free tool set however we also offer payment plan options.


What payment plan options do you offer?

The payment plan can be applied to an 8 week session course. You can choose from the following options:

2 payments of $600

3 payments of $400

4 payments of $300

6 Payments of $200


What schedules do you offer?

We have three sessions to choose from:

5 day session: Monday through Friday from 9a-4p

8 week session: Saturday from 9a-1p

8 week session: Tuesday from 6p-10p


How can I register?

You can register online through our website, an account manager can contact you over the phone or you can make an appointment to register in person.


What are the registration requirements?

The only requirement is to make a payment towards the registration fee. 


Is a high school diploma or GED required in order to take the course?

No, the only requirement is to make a payment towards the registration fee.


Which documents are needed in order to register?

The only document required is a picture ID if you decided to use a debit or credit card for payment.


What is the minimum age required to take the course?

The minimum age is 13 years old with a parent or legal guardian’s permission. 


How many instructors do you have?

Each class will have at least one instructor. Depending on enrollment, an instructor’s aide will also be present.


Are 32 course hours enough time to learn everything?

Yes! Upon completion of the course, our students are fully trained to repair cell phones, tablets and iPods and will be able to complete the repairs independently. The reason why this is possible is because our teaching method focuses on hands-on training. Each student will complete every repair technique from start to finish. 


What benefits do I have once I complete the course?

Each student will receive a certificate as proof of their training and will receive 3 months of technical support. This includes any questions, repair problems or complications or replacement part inquiries.


How does your certificate benefit me?

The certificate issued by Cell Phone Repair Academy is a document stating each student successfully completed the repair training course. It will detail the 32 course hours received and the different training modules learned. 


Is job placement guaranteed?

We can assist in a general job search in your area however we do not guarantee job placement as part of the course. 


Where can I park?

There is parking on Archer Ave and also on the residential streets. Please keep track of any parking time restrictions or permit restrictions.


What if I miss a class?

You have the option to make it up during the next session.