What is microsoldering?

Soldering is used to form a permanent connection between electronic components.

when do we use microsoldering in cell Phone repair?

Mobile devices contain parts attached onto the main board which controls functions of the device. In order to successfully replace these parts they must be soldered.



MIcro-soldering COMPONENTS

  • Knowledge of soldering peripherals

  • Soldering application and removal techniques

  • Circuit bridging and circuit jumper techniques

  • How to use the multimeter

  • How to use micro pencil

  • Repair backlight on iPhones

  • How to use a microscope to repair circuits

  • Software for understanding device diagrams (schematics) 

  • iPad charging port replacement

  • How to remove solder from a motherboard


SMD soldering by hot air (reflow)

  • Remove and solder on-board components with hot air such as:

    • Charging ports, HDMI ports, volume, camera and power switches, sim card slots, vibrators, memory card slots, microphones and batteries

  • Knowledge of reflow peripherals

  • IC Chip replacement (iPhone touch IC)

  • Reballing techniques

  • Epoxy removal

  • Desoldering techniques

  • Solder and reflow of circuits

  • Desolder components from a circuit board for troubleshooting, repair, replacement and salvage

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