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Become a cell phone technician today!


Become a cell phone technician today!

our priority is our students' success  

CPRA focuses on providing the highest quality in repair training by offering personalized one-on-one attention to each student. Our students are taught the latest and most efficient repair techniques by our instructors who have over 10 years experience working in the field. Our state of the art training facility is equipped with the latest repair tools and peripherals to ensure our students build proper technical skills through hands-on practice. We are committed to each student's success and our priority is to ensure each student masters every repair technique by the completion of the course. 

Our students benefit from the following:

  • One-on-one instruction 
  • Hands on training
  • Train on the latest devices such as iPhone, Galaxy S, iPad & iPod
  • All materials and tools are provided by CPRA
  • Certificate granted upon course completion
  • Three months post-course support via e-mail 


upcoming schedule:


5 DAY SESSION @ Detroit, Mi

!!!!Only 3 Seats Available!!!!
  • June 19-23, 2017, from 9a-4p
  • Training site located in Farmington Hills, MI 48331
  • Contact us for lodging options
  • Student capacity 14

5 day session @ chicago, IL

!!!!Only 5 Seats Available!!!!
  • July 10-14, from 9a-4p
  • Training site located in Chicago, IL 60632
  • Contact us for more lodging options
  • Student capacity 12

5 DAY SESSION @ Columbus, Oh

!!!!Only 6 Seats Available!!!!
  • July 31-August 4, 2017, from 9a-4p
  • Training site located at Columbus, OH 43215
  • Contact us for more lodging options
  • Student capacity 14

5 DAY SESSION @ Minneapolis, mn

!!!!Only 8 Seats Available!!!!
  • August 21-25, from 9a-4p
  • Training site located in Downtown Minneapolis, MN 55454
  • Contact us for lodging options
  • Student capacity 14


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quality repair training

Our Smartphone, Tablet & iPod Repair Course is a comprehensive program that will enable all students to learn and build their technical skills in order to succeed in the electronic repair industry. The curriculum is comprised of all skill levels of repair methods starting from the basics of how to diagnose and troubleshoot all devices up to advanced soldering repair techniques. Our hands-on training approach methodically breaks down each repair procedure so that students obtain a thorough understanding of how to successfully execute each technique. By completion of the course, our students will have obtained the necessary technical skills and understanding to have mastered all repair methods and techniques. `

Diagnosis and troubleshooting

  • Properly diagnose repairs 

  • How to quote repairs

  • Referral information on preferred vendors 

  • Common symptoms of hardware and software issues

  • Identify water damage

  • Identify whether the device had been previously repaired


Disassemble & assemble procedures

  • Identify the purpose of different tools and peripherals

  • Disassemble devices without creating further damage on popular brands including:

    • Apple iPhone

    • Apple iPad 

    • Samsung Galaxy

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab

    • HTC 

    • LG

    • Sony Xperia

    • ZTE

  • Learn different dismantling procedures through heat removal, high pressure or screw assembly 

  • Identify basic part functions and how to replace them including microphones, cameras, sim and memory card readers, loud speakers, audio speakers, headphone jack, charging port flex cable, and Wi-Fi antennas.

  • Reassemble


  • Troubleshoot software issues

  • Password removals 

  • Network unlock

  • Identify when a phone has  been blocked by the provider due to theft or non-payment

  • iTunes errors 

Screen and assembly Replacement

  • Change touchscreen digitizers with heat removal, high pressure or screw assembly

  • Test device properly before assembly 

  • Techniques to prevent fingerprints and dust on display image

  • Identify which adhesive to use on each device

  • How to identify different types of frames on Samsung Galaxy devices in order to replace the screen 

  • Techniques to repair dents on frames of the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus iPods and iPads (this is done in order to properly install and prevent damage during the installation of the screen. Failure to do this can cause the screen to unglue or to crack)

  • How to install the proximity sensor after replacing a screen


  • Identify exterior and interior corrosion 

  • Successfully execute different cleaning methods

  • How to remove the motherboard plaque in order to remove water damage

  • Tools and chemicals used to remove water damage

Refurbish screens with UV glue method



  • How to identify if UV method is required

  • Techniques of separating the assembly from the frame to replace the glass in brands such as:

    • Samsung Galaxy 
    • Apple iPhones
  • Techniques to prevent damage and to save time during the UV process

  • Techniques to separate glass from LCD screen

  • Cleaning techniques and materials for UV glue

  • How to prevent UV glue from staining front camera

  • How to use molds for UV method

  • Glass preparation for UV method application

  • Application of UV glue

  • UV glue curing method



  • Knowledge of basic soldering peripherals

  • Soldering application and removal techniques

  • Circuit bridging and circuit jumper techniques

  • How to use the multimeter

  • Repair backlight on iPhones

  • Proper maintenance of reflow equipment 

  • Knowledge of reflow peripherals

  • How to use a microscope to repair circuits

  • Remove on-board components such as:

    • Charging ports, HDMI ports, volume, camera and power switches, sim card slots, vibrators, memory card slots, microphones and batteries

  • Component replacement such as fuses, resistors, inductors and screen connectors 

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Join us in an upcoming 5-Day Training at a city near you!

Detroit, michigan


June 19-23, 2017


Chicago, IL


July 10-14, 2017

Columbus, Ohio


july 31-August 4, 2017

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Minneapolis, Minnesota


August 21-25, 2017

may 2017.png

Total cost - $ 1500

  • $300 deposit will reserve your place in class. It is non-refundable
  • $1200 course fee can be paid during registration or on the first day of class. 
  • Acceptable forms of payments are: cash, credit /debit card,  money order, or cashier's check (Personal and business checks are not accepted at this time)
  • Receive three months of technical support via email



- $300 Registration Fee will reserve your space in class and is non-refundable.
- Reschedule: If you are unable to attend the original session you registered into, you are able to reschedule within 3 months of your original session, without having to repay the Registration Fee, as long as a one week notice is provided before the beginning of class.
- Cancellation: If you are unable to attend the original session you registered into and are unable to reschedule, you will receive a refund on any Course Fees paid with exception to the Registration Fee. The Registration Fee is non-refundable. A refund is only issued if the session has not yet begun. If the session is underway, there will not be any refunds applied. 
-Drop-out: Refunds are not available if a student does not complete the course. Under no circumstances will a refund be applied once a student has completed the course.
-I authorize Cell Phone Repair Academy to take videos or photography of me participating in instructional and/or social activities at CPRA and to publish such videos or photographs.
-I do not hold Cell Phone Repair Academy liable of any injury that may occur before, during or after my participation in class.
- By selecting SUBMIT I acknowledge that I have read and agree with the above mentioned policies.


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